Here we demo audios with various options. Wave forms are great to show the dynamics in an audio. For long audios, it takes some time to produce the wave and during that time, the audio is not accessible until the wave form is displayed.


This is a short wav audio with an mp3 fallback option and wave form:

Same audio with aspectratio of 16:5:

This is a simple wav audio with an mp3 fallback option (aspectratio=160:9) and with repeatmedia=1 (loop continuously):



This is a Voice-over audio with a poster image and subtitles (subtitles show up too small if the height is small in relation to the width, but in full screen, it looks fine):

An audio with poster image, watermark/logo and multilingual subtitles (these are not related, just to demo. subtitles show up after 14 seconds) and speed selector;
Subtitles look normal here because the aspectratio is normal:

(soundtrack by Shemawound, title: Month of dust):

You want to restrain the width of an audio? You can do that either via the CSS option in the Default settings (sitewide) or by wrapping the audio in a div, like:

<div style"width:500px">shortcode...</div>

You may need to adapt the aspect ratio in that case. Here we set aspectratio=160:13

Audio Test with video element(under construction):