Here we demo a protected download link using a S3 bucket via AWS. This link expires in 10 minutes so that it can't be used in social media or via leeching on other web sites.

The link tag is customizable as it comes with class called signed-url. You can add a CSS style in the stylesheet of your template to format the link in any way you want. Example:

.signed-url a{text-decoration: none; color: red;}
.signed-url a:hover{text-decoration: underline; color: #666;}

You can do a lot more with this in CSS, of course. Like applying a background, rounded border, etc.
A protected download link set within text:

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And here a standalone download link presented as a button using a class footbutton which we define in the template css:

Footprint Player vs S3Media Stream

CSS used:

p.footbutton a{display:block;color:#fff;padding:10px}